Dexter's Story

Sleepypod Protected My Pet in an Accident

" No one was hurt, thank you!"

We received a call last week that froze us in place. A customer called to let us know she had been in an accident and her beloved pet was wearing a Clickit Utility dog safety harness. 


Here is her message. 

Sleepypod · Clickit Utility: pet safety harness proven in a real-life auto accident


Sleepypod followed up with Valerie. Shaken but doing well, she recounted the accident details: 

Valerie and her husband were driving on a narrow state road at a speed of about 55-60 mpg. All of a sudden they found themselves face to face with a car driving the opposite direction towards them. The vehicle crossed the median into their lane. Valerie's husband skillfully swerved to avoid the oncoming car but in doing so they found themselves off the road navigating through ravines and trees until luckily, they managed to find a clear area with tall grass and leaves. The vehicle was damaged from wheel-well to wheel-well. All passengers in their vehicle, to include their dog Dexter, were uninjured. Dexter, a 33 pound Irish Terrier, was wearing a Clickit Utility safety harness. 

- Valarie on May 1st, 2014